Based in Cerritos, CHUMMEEZ was created out of survival mode from the hands and minds of two Californian foodies during the global pandemic. Living season to season in isolation, we re-focused our efforts in eating out to creating our most dangerous cravings. Behold, CHUMMEEZ was born.

CHUMMEEZ began as a homemade treat and is created by hard work and love. We strive to make our products unique by using real fruits. Spending days, weeks and months in the kitchen experimenting with flavors, we were able to create a special syrup, uniting our favorite candies with our seasoning mix. “Not one spice fits all”. Unlike most, we provide different spice levels to share our sweet wealth with everyone.

Like most Southern Californian Homemade Businesses, we marketed our products from Facebook and began selling our products in a parking lot in Fountain Valley. A line full of customers attracted many of our fellow CHUMMEEZ fans and shortly after, our community grew. Our supporters helped expand our business to provide our delicious treats outside of California - surpassing what we thought would be a temporary hobby.